Plötzlich am Meer Mainstage Teaser

Plötzlich am Meer Ein kleiner Teaser für die „Ouroboro-Mainstage“ beim „Plötzlich am Meer“. „Plötzlich am Meer“ ist ein Festival, welches jährlich im August stattfindet. Zuletzt in der nähe von „Kołobrzeg“. Link zur Veranstaltung:

Red Bull Cooler – Red Bull Transparent Cooler

Red Bull Cooler

This Job I did as an Animation Artist at Aixsponza in Munich, i was animating some Parts of this loopable Movie. It is shown in Bars and Clubs on the Transparent Door of Red Bull’s Coolers. Grooving into the Night with fresh Black and White animations on the Red Bull Cooler. Client: Red Bull Media House GmbH Production Company: Peter Clausen Film & … Read More

VIVA Get The Clip – Motion Design

In 2007 i made this Motion Design TV Package for VIVA (MTV) On Air Design Germany. Get The Clip is a TV Show for voting by phone your favourite clips.

REEL 2011 Motion Design Berlin – Lars Werner

Motion Design REEL 2011, collected projects to show some stuff i did in the past. Feel free to contact me for Art Direction and Motion Design Jobs (remote or in-house). Art Director / Motion Designer / Concepter / Creative.  Feel Free To Contact Me: 

Jam The Box – Motion Design / 3D Animation

Old but gold, motion design flyer for Marcu´s B-Day-Bash, 11.12.2009 @ Edelweiss, Görlitzer Park/ Görlitzer Str. 1-3, 10997 Berlin Links: Mitte Kill,Bodi Bill (DJ), Freedarich, Swam:Thing, Steve Cole, Toni Mono aka SIM.ONE, youANDme, Peak, Gunnar Stiller, Ricardo Esposito, S.T.Fano Onlineflyer by Ronny Rouge (Lars Werner). I do Graphic Design, Web Design, Motion Design, Art Direction, Video Editing, 3d and 2d Animation ... Read More